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It's the Little Things.

I wouldn't put "receiving blast e-mails from social networking platforms" atop my list of stuff that I like. 

But I just received an unusually thoughtful one "from" Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn's co-founder, calling me out for being one of LinkedIn's first million members:

I wouldn't say I've previously had a tremendously strong emotional connection to LinkedIn, but small gestures like this are a great first step.  They've even thrown in some info about locating a little easter egg within LinkedIn (i.e. how to identify your member number)!

More companies should follow this line of thinking.  Sweat the small details.  They're the things people remember.


Commit Your Next Freudian Slip With AdWords!

From the Web site of Armenia's official tourism board:

So the question remains:  what drives more visitors to Armenia -- 'sexy girls' or interactive maps?  Only Google knows.  (Though I think I can guess.)


Lest I Forget...

My favorite piece of YouTube-based marketing, possibly ever: http://youtube.com/experiencewii